Bakery & Café Hours

CLOSED: Monday & Tuesday

Wed-Friday: 8am-2pm

Sat&Sunday: 10am-4pm

Kitchen Hours (for prepared foods):

CLOSED: Monday & Tuesday

Wed-Friday 8am-1:45pm

Sat & Sunday 10am-2:30pm


We are a counter service ONLY café 

We do have seating but we are not able to take reservations


Gluten Free Goat Bakery & Café

Gluten Free Goat Bakery & Café

November 17th-18th Saturday/Sunday

  All items are 100% Gluten-free, soy-free, oat-free, and corn-free

Our facility is peanut free, but we do process items that contain tree nuts

Vegan & Paleo Granola $8 served with greek yogurt or coconut milk & fresh seasonal fruit

Biscuit breakfast sammy! $12 Δ  served with a salad   Add cheese! $1.50 (made on bagels)

House-made “butter milk” biscuit,  Lentil sausage, chickpea egg, vegan hollandaise, greens

Chickpea Waldorf Salad ⓥ♦  $10-Served with Housemade Bread

 Garbanzos, parsley, red onion, raisins, celery, walnuts, vegan cashew mayo- served over organic greens

Chickpea Waldorf sammy  ⓥ♦  $12- Served with salad

 Garbanzos, parsley, red onion, raisins, celery, walnuts, vegan cashew mayo served on rosemary focaccia  

Vegan French toast $12 Δ    real maple syrup & wild blueberry compote

Veggie burger $12 $12    served with side salad   Add cheese! $1.50

Black bean & sweet potato burger with garlic cashew cream

Vegan Benedict $12 Δ  served with salad

Chickpea egg, shiitake bacon, & vegan Hollandaise, served on grilled flatbread

Vegan Mac & Cheez $12 ⓥ♦Δ– Garlicky delicious vegan mac & chz served with a side salad

Grilled Cheese $7 -served with salad or soup $10   –served on homemade rosemary focaccia

Dill Havarti & shiitake bacon

Falafel waffle $12 ⓥ – savory waffles served with roasted veggies, hummus, and vegan tzatziki

Veggie Sammy $7 Δ served  salad or soup $10 -served on homemade rosemary focaccia Add cheese $1.50   

Roasted Veggies, Shiitake Bacon & housemade garlic hummus served on rosemary focaccia          

Flatbread $7  Δserved with salad or soup $10   – Add cheese $1.50   

Roasted Bell pepper, Curried chickpeas, garlic cashew cream  

Side Salad of the day: organic greens with sunflower seeds, Raisins, & housemade vegan dressingΔ

Pumpkin soup $4.50

♦= Contains tree nuts  ⓥ= Vegan Δ= Dairy Free


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Cupcakes (all vegan)ⓥ  $3.50

  • Beet red vanilla  ⓥ  $3.50
  • Vanilla mixed berry $3.50

Cheesecakes (all vegan)

classic ny (not vegan)ⓥ ♦    $6.25

Pastries & Treats 

  • Apple Turnovers ⓥ  $6.00
  • Brown butter squash and onion galette $6.75
  • Fig, balsamic, goat cheese galette  ♦  $6.75
  • Oatmeal Cream Pie  ⓥ ♦  $7.50
  • Swiss Cake Rolls ⓥ  $7.50
  • Pumpkin spiced barⓥ $6.75
  • Blueberry pop tartⓥ $6.00
  • Paleo Chocolate Pudding ⓥ $6.00
  • Pumpkin curry pot pie ⓥ$7.50
  • mini pumpkin pie ⓥ$8.50


♦= Contains tree nuts

ⓥ= Vegan

Δ= Dairy Free

-Please note that our facility processes tree nuts and therefore we cannot guarantee a nut free environment on any baked good.