Bakery & Café Hours

CLOSED: Monday & Tuesday

Wed-Friday: 8am-2pm

Sat&Sunday: 10am-4pm

Kitchen Hours (for prepared foods):

CLOSED: Monday & Tuesday

Wed-Friday 8am-1:45pm

Sat & Sunday 10am-3:30pm


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Cupcakes (all vegan)

  • Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate 
  • Coconut Black Tea 

Cheesecakes (all vegan)

  • Blueberry Balsamic ⓥ♦

Pastries & Treats 

  • “Oat”meal Cream Pie ♦ 
  • Apple Turnovers 
  • Strawberry Poptart
  • Blackberry Cream Puff (contains eggs & butter)
  • Potato, Red Pepper, Onion, Mustard Tart  
  • Brussels, Orange, Date, Sesame Tart 
  • Chocolate Paleo Custard  
  • Butterscotch Pudding 
  • Sweet Potato Hasselback with Tamarind Glaze & Smoked Almonds 


♦= Contains tree nuts

ⓥ= Vegan

Δ= Dairy Free

-Please note that our facility processes tree nuts and therefore we cannot guarantee a nut free environment on any baked good.