Gluten-Free Tabouli

I love Mediterranean food.  I’m sure many of my friends here in Pittsburgh have heard me reminisce about the amazing Arabic food in Detroit, and subsequently lament the fact that Pittsburgh doesn’t have great alternatives.  Earlier this summer when I was craving tabouli, and didn’t want to ruin myself with the real thing, I decided to make my own gluten free version.  Instead of bulgar wheat I use short grain brown rice, which obviously doesn’t have the exact same texture but it emulates the idea well enough for me.  Quinoa also works great for this recipe!


1.5 cups of uncooked short grain brown rice  or Quinoa 

3 cups of broth (I used Free Range Chicken Broth)

2 avocados- cubed

1 yellow pepper- diced

1 red pepper- diced

1 small red onion- diced

1 bunch of parsley – roughly chopped

1 bunch of fresh mint – roughly chopped

The juice of one lemon (or two if you like that lemony flavor)

3-5 TBS of Olive Oil

1/2 TBS of sea salt 

Use the broth instead of water to prepare the rice.  While waiting for the rice to cool, dice/chop all of the other ingredients.  Then toss everything together. You can eat this Tabouli warm or chilled, whatever works for you.  My favorite addition to this salad is blackened Sockeye Salmon, but you could also just add some garbanzos to get protein and a more traditional tabouli structure.