Gluten-Free APPLE PIE!


This picture is a throw back to Thanksgiving 2011, and I thought it would be the perfect post for this week since T-day is just around the corner.

That’s right! 2nd place! And of course I had to do something weird with my potholder in that picture, right? I was high on a win. That is my only excuse.

Thanks to the friends at the Sheridan House for having the stuffing/pie competition. It was a great night! Delicious Treats!

My favorite pre-mixed gluten free flour is Pamela’s. When I don’t have the energy or interest in making something 100% from scratch, I use their mixes. I used the Bread Flour mix and more or less followed the recipe on the back for the pie crust except that I added more water. It was pretty awkward to handle, but the results were definitely worth the trouble.


For the Filling I used a very basic recipe. I feel that with fruit pies, the less ingredients the better since the fruit is what is tasty, right?

**Prepare the dough first as you will need to chill it for 30minutes before rolling it out**

Apple Filling:

7 medium apples peeled and sliced thin

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/2 cup organic brown sugar

2 tsp fresh lemon or lime juice

3 TBS flour (I used the pamela’s again)

Toss all the ingredients until well coated and set aside while you prepare the pie pan. I did a little bit of a fancy criss cross with my crust, but that is obviously not compulsory.

Sprinkle sugar liberally on the top of the crust before baking.


Bake at 350 for 25min then use foil to cover the edges of the pie to avoid burning the crust edges.

Bake for another 30 min or until the filling is bubbling.

Let cool for 30min-1 hour. Or don’t!