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Gluten Free Goat started as a small labor of love and has grown into one of the most beloved gluten-free and allergen-friendly bakeries in Pittsburgh. 

In February of 2021, GOAT changed hands and is under the care of experienced pastry chef Selina Progar. Though under new ownership, our philosophy remains the same as always; to make sure nobody is excluded from the joy of eating & sharing delicious pastries.

With an emphasis on curation, collaboration and connection, Gluten Free Goat aims to not only produce the best gluten free baked goods from its kitchen, but also curate the best gluten-free products from around the world and collaborate with others in the food ecosystem to connect its customers with products and resources to support a strong gluten-free community.

We're starting with a new, fanciful menu, and will be continuously improving and creating with the ultimate goal of winning over the hearts & mouths of even those who are not gluten restricted! We'd love for you to follow along on our journey.




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