Bakery & Café Hours

New Café Hours!

March 1st is our first night of Dinner Service!

Monday Closed 5-9pm**
Tuesday Closed Closed
Wednesday 8am-2pm* Closed
Thursday 8am-2pm* Closed
Friday 8am-2pm* 5-9pm**
Saturday 10-3pm* 5-9pm**
Sunday 10-3pm* 5-9pm**

*Kitchen closes at 1:45pm on Wed, Thursday, and Friday and 2:30pm on Saturday and Sunday then reopens at 5pm for Dinner

**Kitchen closes at 8:30pm during dinner service

We are a counter service ONLY café 

We do have seating but we are not able to take reservations

♦= Contains tree nuts  ⓥ= Vegan Δ= Dairy Free

Gluten Free Goat Bakery & Café

March 23-24

All items are 100% Gluten-free, soy-free, oat-free, and corn-free

Our facility is peanut free, but we do process items that contain tree nuts


Comes with Soup, Salad, or Side of the day

MUSHROOM SWISS BURGER ‘N CHIPS $12   Plant-based patty smothered with sauteed mushrooms, dairy or vegan swiss cheese and greens. *Can substitute side Δ

VEGGIE SAMMY $10      Roasted veggies and garlic hummus. Add cheese for $1 ⓥ Δ

CLASSIC GRILLED CHEESE $10    Ooey-gooey Havarti with Shiitake “bacon”.  

QUICHE $10 Tomato & herbs. Add cheese for $1


TOMATO, EGG & CHEESE $10 Pick:  cage-free or chickpea egg. Comes with a side.

BURRITO OR BURRITO BOWL $12 Cilantro lime rice, black beans, roasted peppers and onions, salsa, and jalapeno cream. Comes with a side.

SOURDOUGH PANCAKES $10 Served with maple syrup, fresh fruit & a berry compote.


SALAD OF THE DAY $3 Mixed kale, apple, shaved carrot, raisin, and sesame seeds Δ

SOUP OF THE DAY $4.50 Chickpea and wild rice. Add side of bread for $1 ⓥ♦Δ

SIDE OF THE DAY $4 Roasty, toasty potatoes Δ

Cupcakes (all vegan)

Chocolate vanilla twist  cupcake  $3.50

Blueberry matcha $3.50

Cheesecakes (all vegan)

PeaNOT Butter     $6.50

white chocolate raspberry (not vegan)$6.50

Pastries & Treats 

  • Apple Turnovers ⓥ  $6.00
  • Browned butternut squash  galette $6.75
  • Oatmeal Cream Pie  ⓥ ♦  $7.50
  • Swiss Cake Rolls ⓥ  $7.00
  • Paleo Pudding ⓥ $6.00
  • Vegan Mac ⓥ$7.50
  •  vegan breakfast empanada $6.75
  • veggie pot pie $8.00
  • vegan calzone $6.00
  • veggie calzone $6.00

♦= Contains tree nuts

ⓥ= Vegan

Δ= Dairy Free

-Please note that our facility processes tree nuts and therefore we cannot guarantee a nut free environment on any baked good.